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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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estimated time of re-opening is 5:30. her house ransacked for a murder suspect who wasn't there. tonight a valerioly woman wants answer from police. san jose police say that evidence led them to the home in stockton. we have the damage officers left behind. >> reporter: inside this stockton home, my eyes are burning from the tear gas that's still in the air. the san jose police department were here searching for an accused killer. but they left without him and left behind a complete mess. so zen he could mess. >> i feel like a war was taken on here and we lost. >> reporter: almost all of the windows are smashed in, there are holes in the wall and the tear gas is so thick you can only cough. this is the home joanne came back to after the san jose police held a fruitless 12-hour
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standoff on saturday. >> he wasn't here. he was never here. and he wasn't in the house. >> reporter: but police said they had good information that steve ruiz accused of killing a hells angels member at a funeral nine days ago was inside this home. rice says her daughter was an acquaintance of ruiz, nothing more. >> when she opened the door at 7:30 in the morning, she asked them to come in. they kept yelling are you in danger for your life? she said no. my kids are in here. come in if you like. >> reporter: police didn't listen, she said. they grabbed her daughter and threw her in a police car for four hours and then in a jail cell while police shot tear gas into the home that had a dog and her three puppies still inside. >> they said, if there was anything in your house, it's dead. well, right there we all went hysterical thinking the little puppies were dead, the mother dog was dead. >> reporter: the puppies are in good condition. the house isn't. we have made several calls to
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the san jose police department and so far have not gotten a call back. >> we want it fixed, of course i'm calling my insurance. but san jose has to pay for this. there is no reason why they shouldn't. >> reporter: after this incident, this stockton family says they don't know if they will ever be able to live in this house again. >> that was ben sosenko reporting. steve ruiz is on the loose, armed and dangerous. meanwhile, police are trying to figure out if a van driver intentionally hit and killed another hells angels member or 580 this weekend. christin ayers is in san leandro with the latest. >> reporter: authorities say this is no accident. today, as that man remains in jail, san leandro police have identified the man who was killed when an east bay paratransit van ran over him, 51-year-old george lopez, jr. of stockton. police say the man behind the
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wheel, 31-year-old eddie hall, intentionally rammed lopez's motorcycle in a fit of road rage then kept driving. he was arrested miles down the interstate still dragging the motorcycle. lopez a member of the hells angels nomads had been driving with other bikers seen in cell phone video. witnesses told police the van ran over lopez, dragging his body a short distance. police won't discuss their evidence. they are simply saying it's clear this was no accident. hall will be appearing before a judge tomorrow. he is now facing hit-and-run and murder charges. he is currently being held without bail, elizabeth, at santa rita jail in dublin. >> thank you. in this economy, it sounds kind of strange to hear the bay area's on the verge of minting a new generation of millionaires. these are the employees of the networking site linkedin. they will soon be eligible to cash in on their company stock. len ramirez from mountain view with a kind of a flashback to the boom of the '90s, huh, len? >> reporter: that's right this.
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used to happen all the time but it's more rare with the recession here in silicon valley. it has affected high-tech ipos. people here at linkedin are in what's called a lockup period. they have their stock but they are not allowed to sell it, that is until next month. people here say when we start to see people selling off, it might be a little different than it was in the past. for linkedin employees, the countdown is on until november 21st. that's the day when they will finally be allowed to begin cashing out their company stocks a day when many will become instantly wealthy. throughout silicon valley, luxury retailers including car dealers are prepping for new sales opportunities. but one los altos real estate broker says he expects linkedin employees to be more cautious than previous groups of internet millionaires. one silicon valley charitable foundation says it was invited to speak to employees about philanthropy. she says employees seemed interest in the tax benefit and the possibility of using their
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money to make a difference. >> this was different than the end of the '90s where it was about mini mansions and cars and really acquiring a lot of material goods? this time around i think we have had the benefit of entrepreneurs such as gates and people like warren buffett making a commitment to giving away their assets? and so the people who are acquiring wealth this time around are really looking at how they can make a difference in the challenges that continue to face our world locally and globally. and they're excited about solving those problems with their wealth rather than just accumulating things. >> reporter: linkedin has 1500 employees. none of the employees or management were allowed to talk with us right now because they are in the quiet period before all of this happens. but this is not the only ipo that's going to be happening here in silicon valley. pandora, zynga and facebook probably sometime next year. so some retailers are looking forward to what may be a very
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good black friday and christmas shopping period. others say it may be more cautious, may not be as wild as things used to be. >> still, nice to see a bit of resurgence in the tech industry. >> reporter: the tech industry has been, you know, has had its ups and downs but, you know, it is one of the stronger sectors now and they are adding jobs. in fact, if we can pan left a bit, looks like some of the people here at facebook -- i'm sorry, linkedin -- getting my companies mixed up -- you know, they are walking to and from meetings but you can see some of these people may be very wealthy in the next month or so. >> a lot of employees. len ramirez in mountain view, thank you. the standoff over those ongoing "occupy" protestses continues on both sides of the bay. with city officials taking turns ordering protestors to leave. demonstrators in san francisco
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and oakland have mostly ignored those orders. but phil matier reports, so have the officials issuing them. phil. >> reporter: that's right. it's an interesting phenomenon, elizabeth. we have city officials talking very tough and then doing very little. just listen to what san francisco mayor ed lee had to say yesterday and take a look behind us. >> we've stated very clearly that their first amendment rights just like they have been expressing it is going to be enforced and we through to happen. but at the same time, we have drawn lines. we've allowed -- said they can't camp overnight and we mean it. >> reporter: really?! well, a week ago this tent city at justin herman plaza was half this size and today organizers tell us even more tents are on the way. >> we have some 300 people already each night. i can see that doubling. i could see that tripling. >> reporter: while police, fire and health officials have been keeping an eye on things, they have been keeping distance as well as more and more tents keep popping up.
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>> we have had the fire marshal come out and inspect us every morning really positive responsive, sometimes constructive feedback. we have had the police chief here just this morning at 8 a.m. we have had the park district come out. >> reporter: the cops, however, have been told to hold off and not try to forcibly evict campers as they did two weeks ago. in part, we're told there's a concern a confrontation will bring more campers to the park. in san francisco, city hall was mum today. none of the officials we spoke with, whether rec and park, police, or the mayor's office was willing to go on camera saying only they were monitoring the situation daily and that the mayor was sticking by his position. >> can you bring all the propane tanks you have here over here? >> reporter: meanwhile, in oakland, fire inspectors started ordering the shutdown of cooking fires in that "occupy" protests. how long do they have to turn it off and get it out of here? > we're working on that right now. >> reporter: and it seems like both cities are working ton
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right now. but neither one of them has worked it out. off the camera, city officials basically say, they are trying to deal with it. they didn't expect it to get this big. now that it is, they are worried that if they make a move it will just get bigger. >> now, phil in oakland we're hearing a group has filed a petition to recall jean quan? what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. today about 71 people went down to city hall with signatures calling for a recall of jean quan. they say she hasn't done a good job with public safety or the economy. she just got in office a couple of months ago. it's not the best news she's getting. they have, however, a big job ahead of them because they need about 19,000-plus signatures in the next five to six months to qualify. so it's a long way to go. but with the other problems going on, both here in san francisco and in oakland, not great time to be going for re- election like they are in san francisco or facing recall in
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oakland. >> thank you, phil matier in san francisco. meanwhile this protestors is take the "occupy san jose" protest to new heights. he perched himself on top of a three-story wall on city hall overnight and hasn't left. police were busy arresting four other protestors on the ground when he scrambled up there. officers are worried that he may fall if they try to remove him. san francisco mayor ed lee is defending himself against allegations of campaign fraud as rivals point to a home video that seems to show lee supporters helping voters fill out ballots by placing stencils over the spot by lee's name or even mark the ballots themselves. lee says the group does not work for him and he wants them to stop. >> and if the attorney general so wishes, i want them to be monitored because they should be compliant with the law as we demand that everybody who works for my campaign or volunteers in any effort, they have to comply. and if it was my campaign doing
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that i would fire them immediately because they should not be handling ballots for anybody else. >> seven of ed lee's opponents are calling for federal oversight of the november 8 election. the district attorney is investigating these allegations. a 500-pound piece of bay area history is missing. what police believe is the motive for this unholy heist. [ slurred speech ] >> i didn't have a childhood. >> as prosecution in dr. conrad murray's case rests its case what it hopes to prove with that eerie recording. >> 80% of people get shorter as they get older. >> how much we shrink over time. why we get shorter and how to limit the potential health risk. ,,,,,,,,
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aint mary' a 2.5-ton historic church
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bell has gone missing in san francisco. the bell was stolen from st. mary's cathedral on gough street. mike sugerman on the hunt for the thieves. reporter: sometime over the weekend until the dead of night a crime was committed here. you can see the aftermath clear as a bell. >> some unscrupulous character went on the property of st. mary's cathedral and stole a bell. >> reporter: the inspector is ringing the alarm. there was no regular bell. >> this bell was the size of the liberty bell back in philadelphia. it was originally made in 1889 in a foundry in baltimore, maryland. >> reporter: two tons, replacement value $175,000. hearing about this story rang a bell. didn't some other san francisco church recently lose its bell? >> we had an incident a few months ago on ocean where a church also lost a bell. >> reporter: it did. this was no liberty bell. two feet tall, hundreds of
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pounds, at saint michael's korean catholic church in the ocean view district. fingers for both bell burglaries are pointing at bandits who want to cash in on copper. anybody come here with a bell the last couple of days? >> no. >> reporter: he has seen plenty of bottles, cans, wires, metals, no bells. a 5,000 pound copper bell that's hot that the cops are looking for and it's all over tv, he doesn't figure to see it here. >> people end up either cutting it up into small pieces and trying to, you know, bring it into scrapyards, recycle what they have. but you being a scrap dealer, you should know what you're looking at. >> reporter: recent thieves stole a pelican in novato, 700 pounds of what they thought might have been bronze. it wasn't. this copper bell could bring in $75,000 if anyone would take it. >> it's a priceless artifact that belongs to the
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archdiocese. let's get it back to the people. >> reporter: he says call the cops if you see the copper clanger. mike sugerman, cbs 5. the president make a visit to the bay area tomorrow. he is going to be attending a campaign fundraiser at a hotel in san francisco. this part of his three-city west coast swing in las vegas this morning he announced a plan to help struggling homeowners. that applies to people who own homes more than they are worth. tonight he is at a fundraiser in los angeles. most of us get shorter over time. how much we shrink and between men and women, who gets the shorter end of the stick. >> why wikileaks could be weeks away from shutting down. >> temperatures anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees cooler today and we have the patchy fog. tomorrow, it's fire concerns. the watch we all need to know about as eyewitness news continues. ,,
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that's right, you re not just getting older, odds are you're getting shorter, too. dr did you notice you're getting shorter? you're not alone. odds are you are. dr. kim with more. reporter: for this person, tai chi is part of his routine day
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rain or shine. >> reporter: gentle flowing movements that reduce stress and improve health. could it improve his height? >> i'm almost 70. if i don't come out here i'll be moving more slowly. i would be feeling and acting my age. >> reporter: he is older and wiser. but mr. lu is not shorter. >> it hasn't happened to me yet. >> 80% of people in fact do get shorter as they get older. >> reporter: dr. dennis black is an expert on bone health. he says if we live on this planet earth we are constantly fighting gravity. >> our spines and our muscles are in the forefront of that battle against gravity. >> reporter: the disks between vertebrae lose fluid and shrink and we lose muscle mass which keeps us upright. it starts in our 30s. by age 80, men have lost 2", women more than 3." losing height quickly, one or two inches over a couple of years, is a red flag for
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osteoporosis. >> so the men in this study who lost height studily a 50% higher risk of hip fracture subsequently would not be surprising. >> reporter: that's not all. shrinking too quickly can also be a red flag for heart disease. cardiologist dr. rita redburg says the risk factors are the same. >> you lose height quickly if you don't do more exercise as well as heart attacks. >> reporter: she says walk 30 minutes a day every day of the week. >> so you can walk taller and walk longer. >> reporter: dr. black says that's good advice at any age. >> both when you're young to build up more bone mass and then also when your older to retain the bone mass that you have. >> reporter: mr. loo is proof. >> you have to pay the fries live a little bit longer and live a little healthier. >> reporter: a study of more than 2,000 men and women found those who engaged in moderately vigorous aerobic activity either throughout their lives
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or just after age 40 lost only about half as much height as those who stopped exercising middle-aged or never exercised at all. so stay active and ask your doctor to check how tall you are. >> use it or lose it. >> reporter: that's right. >> thank you. the defense making its case at the trial of michael jackson's doctor. in fact, prosecutors wrapped up their case today with another recording of the pop star. [ slurred voice ] utors say the recording is proof >> murray recorded michael jackson speaking under the influence of drugs. prosecutors say the recording is proof dr. murray knew jackson had a drug problem and did nothing about it. the defense plans to call more than a dozen witnesses including its own medical experts. no word on whether dr. murray will testify. wikileaks could be just weeks from shutting down. that's the word tonight from its leader julian assange. he says they are running out of money and blames a blockade by
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american financial institutions from enables them to raise more funds. if the blockade is not lifted by the end of the year, assange says that he will have no choice but to shut it down. roberta, it was a toasty weekend but today different. >> yesterday was amazing. every reporting station had temperatures into the 80s. no 70s to report in today anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees cooler and the reason? well, you can blame it on this right here as we call in our live cbs 5 weather camera. we have at this particular time the low clouds, the patchy fog. it's moving onshore and there tough right there. and as it does so, it's going to continue to produce some overcast conditions along the coast and try seep into the bay. that's affecting temperatures adversely at this hour. let's take a peek at the numbers at 5:00. concord at 68 degrees. we just jumped up to 70 in oakland. and that was with a shift in the wind. otherwise, san jose at 71 degrees and we do have the clouds and that westerly in
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santa rosa. overnight tonight, chilly into the 40s and into the mid-50s. we'll have mainly clear skies away from the bay but for the most part tonight's onshore push, tomorrow an offshore flow kicks back in by evening hours. and we still have no rain in the forecast all the way through the 7th day of november. watch us carefully. this is our futurecast. watch the clouds build already about 2,000 feet deep along the seashore and as you watch the clock tick by about 2:00 in the afternoon, everybody has that offshore flow with a very dry northeast wind. area of low pressure is passing to the north of the bay area. so that's going to allow the high pressure that's about right here to slip inland and as that happens, that's that northeast offshore flow. and therefore we have a fire weather watch in effect for the northern and eastern portion of our bay area mountains with some of those wind gusts tomorrow night through wednesday morning up to 50 miles per hour. temperatures tomorrow cool. 71 degrees in san jose.
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down from the average high of 76 degrees. east of the bay the outside number will be 75. north bay 60s and low 70s. the extended forecast, there's your offshore flow each day from wednesday through the weekend. temperatures not really a factor as far as heat is concerned but again, dry winds lowering the relative humidity. you're going to feel the difference out there from about, oh, late tomorrow night all the way through the weekend. low humidity, that elevates that risk of fire danger. you. >> bet. >> starting to feel like fall. does it feel like halloween is right around the corner? >> sure. >> it is. >> so hot over the weekend. >> i went to the raider game and we had to have sunblock on it was so warm. >> thanks, roberta. >> raiders needed another kind of a block. [ laughter ] it held the number one title for nearly two decades. why san francisco is the most favorite destination for tourists and who took the top spot? san francisco slipped from the top spot. coming up.
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readers of conde nast traveler crowned charleston, south for 18-year-old san francisco held the top spot for tourists. but charleston, south carolina is now the number one tourist destination in the country. san francisco is 2. santa fe number 3. what's the reason for the drop? panhandlers. a musical legend rocked out with some lucky san francisco students today. ♪ [ music ] >> carlos santana returned to his alma mater, mission high forks a little jam session and good will. his visit was a thank you to the school for improving in test scores and an 85% college acceptance rate among seniors last year. he performed with members of the school's guitar club. >> that's really nice, you know, he came to the school and everything... that's really kind.
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you know? >> santana also donated guitars to the budding musicians. wow, on behalf of the nonprofit little kids rock. president obama unveils a new lifeline for struggling homeowners trying to pay mortgages. we'll tell how qualifies and we'll tell but the millions of americans who don't. tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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handgun slips through airport security. why t-s-a officias say... not their problem.


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